Large majorities blame Sandy on global warming

New Yorkers overwhelmingly agree that climate change was behind super storm Sandy, which hit that state particularly hard a little over a month ago. Fully 69 percent of Empire State residents blame climate change for the storm, while just 24 percent think it was “isolated weather events,” according to a Siena Research Institute poll released this morning. That includes at least 63 percent of voters in every region of the state, and even a near-majority — 46 percent — of Republicans. Two-thirds of independent voters also blame climate change. “There may be a debate about what has caused the global climate change, but for most New Yorkers there is no debate that it is occurring,” said pollster Steven Greenberg of the strong consensus.Meanwhile, as President Obama is pushing to include new infrastructure spending in a deal to avert the fiscal cliff in Washington, 72 percent of New Yorkers favor “a major infrastructure project that would seek to protect New York City from future dramatic weather events.” New York residents also gave strong marks Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Obama, and FEMA  for their handling of the storm response, the poll found.Continue Reading…

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