2/3 of Americans Support Limits on Power Plant Carbon Pollution


Pete Altman, Climate and Clean Air Campaign Director, Washington, D.C.
The first poll on President Obama’s entire climate action strategy reveals robust bipartisan support for common-sense climate solutions, according to a poll commissioned by NRDC.
You can learn more about the poll and get the specific findings here.
Some of the most important findings:

To help battle climate change, 65 percent of Americans endorse setting limits on dangerous carbon pollution from the nation’s power plants, including 49 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of independents.

Americans also strongly support other climate change solutions outlined by the President on June 25th:

79 support increasing fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles.
78 percent support increasing investment in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power.
78 percent support stronger energy efficiency standards for appliances and new buildings.
76 percent support the United States taking a lead role in encouraging countries such as China and India to expand their efforts to curb carbon pollution.
75 percent support strengthening communities against the effects of climate change, such as creating new flood reduction plans for areas hit by Hurricane Sandy, and drought and wildfire preparation plans for the Midwest and West.

The poll was conducted by Hart Research, which often works with Democrats, and Chesapeake Beach Consulting, a firm that often works with Republicans.

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